Construction update: crosswalks and curbing on SE 47th Terrace!



Crews adjusted plans slightly for this week and are constructing crosswalks at the north and south ends of SE 8th CT intersection and at the SW corner of Club Square parking lot near Big Blue Brewing Co.

These crosswalks are expected to be completed and open for use to pedestrians and traffic by Saturday morning, weather permitting.

SE 8th CT intersection looking eastbound
SE 8th CT intersection looking eastbound


Crews will be constructing crosswalks over the next month at intersections in the project limits, in Club Square Parking lot, and mid-block crossings as needed. The projected schedule noted below is provided to help you plan.

THIS SCHEDULE OF WORK IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE, due to project needs and materials availability.

We will send out an updated schedule for planned crosswalks for the week of 11/12/18 on Friday.

November construction

What crosswalks have been completed

Crosswalks have been completed at:

  • west entrance at the Iguana Mia Parking (between SE 10thPL and SE 11th PL) this includes the added valley gutter
  • all sides of SE 10thPL
  • all sides of 11th PL

What’s going on from Vincennes to SE 15th?

Crews have nearly completed all ribbon curb from Vincennes Blvd. to just west of the easternmost entrance into Big John’s Plaza!

Just east of the SE 15th Avenue intersection, the project team has been installing drainage structures throughout the block to capture the runoff of the roadway, and get those structures in place prior to paving.

November construction

Today, crews have been slip-forming the F-Curb, which will separate the roadway from the multi-use pathway (or expanded sidewalk). Paver work in the ADA path section, between the ribbon curbs, have been completed in segments to the north and south of the block and that work continues.

Crews were also installing beautiful wild date palms in the landscape beds surrounding the Vincennes Roundabout.

Stay tuned for more construction updates. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have!

Email us at or call (239)676-3462.

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The City of Cape Coral and The South Cape Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) identified SE 47th Terrace as a key district where they could improve roadway and pedestrian paths.