Crews install air relief valve to new sewer line & upcoming construction activities

Crews have completed installation of an air relief valve to the new sewer line installed at the intersection of SE 47th Terrace and Coronado Parkway.

Crews complete the air relief valve installation.
Crews complete the air relief valve installation.

This air relief valve is true to its name and will allow for the release of pockets of air pressure from the pressurized sewer line. The trapped air can cause a host of issues and relieving this pressure is important to protect the pipeline system, maintain good flow and improve efficiency of the system.

Air Relief Valve

Now that installation of the air relief valve has been completed, crews will begin grading the south side of SE 47th Terrace from 8th Court to Coronado Parkway.

Crews also continue to dewater the site from heavy rainfall in order to keep construction moving forward.

To prepare for the next phase of work, the project team has ordered materials needed for the new trench drain systems for the driveways at LeeTran and Walgreens.

The project team has worked with the Engineer of Record to improve the drainage approach at both these driveways and at the southeast corner of the intersection at 8th Court and SE 47th Terrace to facilitate drainage flow. Work will begin on installing these drainage structures later this week.

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