Crews grade the area for Type F Curb installation

Crews are working on grading the south side of the roadway in the area that was formerly on-street parking to prepare the site for FDOT Type F Curbs and the new paver sidewalks.

FDOT has outlined in its design specifications and standards, the Type F Curb to delineate between the elevated height of the sidewalk and the lower pavement level. This type of curb serves a dual purpose, creating a channel for rainfall to travel to the drainage inlets throughout SE 47th Terrace to reduce water in the roadway, and may also serve as a roadside safety device for small vehicles traveling through the roadway.

Grading is a crucial step in ensuring that the Type F Curb will be installed correctly.

Crews will continue to grade the south side of the roadway from 9th Place to 8th Court over the next week. Once that section is completed, crews will begin grading the south side of the roadway from 8th Court to Coronado and begin preparations for driveway installation and trench drain improvements at the LeeTran and Walgreens driveway entrances.

To read more about the crew’s work installing ribbon curbing, which was installed first, click here.

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