Crews test the new water main at 8th Court

Chlorination Testing

Crews have been testing the new water main to make sure it holds adequate pressure for a lasting water system, and ensure the water meets safety standards for the Florida Department of Health (FDOH).

This is an important, time-intensive process that requires coordination with different agencies and may require permit modifications for approvals to ensure that our project team is building a lasting quality water system, and that the water is safe for drinking.

Crews conduct pressurization and chlorination testing on the new segment of water main.

To prepare for testing, a segment of pipe is replaced with a special assembly that allows for pressurization of the pipe and chlorination.

The project team, in conjunction with the City of Cape Coral’s Utility Department, pressure test the pipe and pump up the pressure to ensure it can hold up to twice the operating pressure of the system. That ensures the quality and strength of the new water main, and allows the project team to check for leaks or other issues and resolve them before the new roadway is installed.

Following the pressure tests, the project team and the City of Cape Coral’s Utility Department work together closely to adjust and monitor the water’s chlorination level to make sure it meets testing standards and kills any bacteria present in the stockpiled pipe.

The tests are reviewed and then, ultimately, approved by the FDOH to make sure the water is safe for public consumption. At times, multiple tests are required to meet the standards in place by the FDOH. Once the FDOH has extensively reviewed the water samples and testing process, and have provided clearance to the project team and City’s Utility Division, the crews can remove the assembly used for testing and install the final stretch of pipe for the water main.

These tests need to be carried out throughout the entire project limits to ensure that every segment of the new water main is chlorinated properly and that the water is safe to drink.

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