Crews Install Ribbon Curbing

Crews have been installing new ribbon curb within the project limits for the SE 47th Terrace Streetscape Project.

Ribbon curb consists of two parallel segments of straight curb that will bracket either side of the sidewalk path. This ribbon curb is important for delineating the pedestrian pathway from the rest of the widened promenade sidewalk for ease of use for pedestrians with disabilities, which exceeds American with Disabilities Act standards.

Construction workers install ribbon curbing for new streetscape sidewalk.

As you travel through the project limits, you will see ribbon curb in place along SE 47th Terrace in sections from 9th Place to Coronado. Once ribbon curbing is completed, crews fill it in with structural base and set in the valve boxes for future access to underground utilities. The next step will be the installation of brick pavers to establish the new sidewalk.

Installation of ribbon curb requires establishing forms to hold the concrete, pouring the concrete, leveling and smoothing the concrete and allowing time for the concrete to cure.


Please use caution while driving within the project limits and take care not to drive over the ribbon curb as this will require re-installing the curb and will delay the project team.

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The City of Cape Coral and The South Cape Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) identified SE 47th Terrace as a key district where they could improve roadway and pedestrian paths.